Wander Alert

WanderShield – Keeping your at-risk people safe

It happens. Wandering puts the people under your care at risk of becoming lost or having a serious accident – not to mention the stress and worry it causes for staff and families. Fortunately there is a solution.

WanderShield is an easy to use system that immediately alerts you when an at-risk person wanders. WanderShield gives you the peace of mind that your at-risk people are safe and nearby. It uses small wireless bracelets to detect wandering behaviour. Read on for the benefits to your organisation – there’s some that may surprise you!

Increased safety
WanderShield eliminates the risks of wandering to your at-risk people such as becoming lost or having a serious accident. It does this by automatically alerting care staff when an at-risk person attempts to wander.

Save time, money and hassle
Prevent wandering and you eliminate the time and costs involved with searching for lost people. WanderShield also saves time by eliminating false alarms. Other wander products are prone to time wasting false alarms, but this problem has been solved by WanderShield (seebrochure).

Enhance resident’s quality of life
Being moved to another facility can be traumatic for people who are starting to wander. WanderShield allows their wandering to be managed in their present facility, meaning they can stay where they are for longer and enjoy the proximity to their family and a familiar environment.

Free up dementia beds
Dementia beds are always in short supply. Relocating wander prone people into a dementia unit is often a necessary but excessive solution. WanderShield lets you manage wandering in a residential care environment and free up dementia beds for those people that really need them.

Expandable and Future-Proof
WanderShield is easy to extend. The parts of a WanderShield system can be reconfigured to suit building alterations or changes to how rooms are used.

3 Ways to Keep Your People Safe

WanderShield works where other systems can’t. Providing 3 methods to manage wandering, it ensures a perfect fit for your situation:

WanderShield Doorway monitors doorways and alerts you when an at-risk person attempts to wander through (details on p3 of the brochure).

WanderShield Driveway monitors the ends of driveways. Ideal if there are too many doors to monitor, or if you want to keep your people safe while they are outside (details on p5 of the brochure).

WanderShield Comprehensive is a complete wander management system that includes reporting, self-checking, and unique name (bracelet ID) functions. It can monitor doorways, driveways, and offers a third function called “Presence Mode”, as explained in the separate WanderShield Comprehensive brochure.


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