Earlier Products

Carecall 2

Supplied for new installations from 1989 to 2004. We currently supply Carecall 2 products for the maintenance of and extending existing systems.

Carecall 1

Manufactured from 1985 to 1988. Carecall 2 parts are backwards compatible with Carecall 1.

GEC Call system

The GEC Luminous call system was originally manufactured in Britain by the GEC group and marketed in New Zealand by GEC (New Zealand) Ltd.

Local manufacture was handled by Zetka Industries Ltd for GEC (NZ) during the nineteen seventies and eighties after the introduction of the Hybrid reset relay based system.

Manufacture of the system ceased around 1995, but Miracle supports existing systems with replacements for consumable parts, or alternatives.

Spare parts may be ordered through branches of Rexel Electrical Supplies, or from Miracle Electronics Limited

Carecall 2 brochure

CareCall 2 Catalog

GEC Luminous Call System Catalog

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