Carecall 3 Nurse Call System

A flexible and cost effective Nurse Call System

Carecall 3 is a sophisticated Call System that can be tailored to meet the needs of any facility. Your peace of mind is assured by automatic self checking operation. Antimicrobial callpoints that can be wiped clean make your facility safer

WanderShield – Keeping your at-risk people safe

It happens. Wandering puts your people at risk of becoming lost or having a serious accident. Not to mention the stress and worry is causes for staff and families. Fortunately there is a solution.

Introducing WanderShield – the easy to use system that immediately alerts you when an at-risk person wanders. WanderShield gives you the peace of mind that your at-risk people are safe and nearby. It uses small wireless bracelets to detect wandering behaviour.

WanderShield was previously called WanderAlert.

Carecall Wireless

Ideal for replacing worn-out call systems in existing retirement villages and other facilities

Carecall Wireless is a highly reliable Wireless Call System that is ideal for retrofitting into existing healthcare facilities and retirement villages. Because no cables are required it offers a very cost-effective solution that can cover entire villages and campuses. You know Carecall Wireless is always working because of its self-checking functionality and multi-channel communications.

Earlier Products

For information on previous generation Call Systems produced by Miracle please see below:

Carecall 2

Supplied for new installations from 1989 to 2004. We currently supply Carecall 2 products for the maintenance of and extending existing systems.

Carecall 1

Manufactured from 1985 to 1988. Carecall 2 parts are backwards compatible with Carecall 1.

GEC Call System

Manufacture of the GEC Luminous Call System began in 1975 for GEC New Zealand. We continue to provide spare parts for remaining installations.

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